$RAVE - a 100% community created Memecoin

Our idea and mission behind $RAVE

We aim to build a strong community and make the readers or viewers from our content laugh. We know, as pedro is another shitcoin with no utility, we have the best chances if we make people happy and spread positivity around the globe.

We see this community driven project at maximum heights. To achieve that, we need:

a) a reliable and engaged community b) strategic and efficient marketing c) transparent and available dev team

We will work our asses of, to make the unbelievable happen. No doubts.

Why $RAVE?

šŸ‘‰ A 100% community created memecoin We want to make the most possible decisions with our community together. Any useful idea will be discussed, you can vote for it and we will make things happen.

šŸ‘‰ Short and long term success Most of the supply will be locked in a vesting period, so after the initial launch we don't get dumped immediately. Also the LP will be burned. We will also burn tokens from other categories, like marketing and/or reserve to act deflationary. More infos t.b.a

šŸ‘‰ A big marketing budget and experience for the pre- and post-launch We will take $4,000-6,000 just for marketing from our own funds, building a community and make people talk about this project. Also we bring a lot of marketing knowledge to the table. We have crazy ideas and plans.

šŸ‘‰ A dedicated dev team Hell yeah, we are dedicated to this project af. šŸ‘‰ A unique meme, that isn't created by other devs Pedro is unique. Pedro is not a spin-off of another over saturated meme.

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