Vesting Period

Pre-Sale vesting

As we see this project has a lot of potential with a great community before the initial launch or sale, we took a decision to secure the chart after launch. With a vesting period we reduce A LOT of sell pressure on one specific date. So everything is more stable and we don’t risk a complete dump.

Initial 25% 75% / 7 Days 10.080 Minutes 30 Cycles = 336 Minutes Cycle 2.25 % p.C

Example: You bought 100.000 $RAVE in the presale. You can claim 25% of the tokens (25.000 $RAVE) directly after launch to your wallet. As the vesting period starts on the launch date, you can claim 2.5% of your bought tokens every 336 minutes. If you don't claim one cycle, it will be accumulated. After exactly seven days you will have 100% of your bought tokens.

Developer vesting

After launch, we have NO control over the MAJORITY of the coins. We will also link our wallets on our website and here, so everybody can see that there is no movement at all. Also all vesting contracts will be linked to our tokenomics sheet, so you can see when we will get what amount of tokens on our wallet. More infos t.b.a

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